Integrated workflow, email and CRM for accountants and bookkeepers

get the team on the same page

Shared Inbox for teams


All your existing mailboxes viewed as one

Manage your incoming emails and replies as a team, with clear ownership, visibility and context. 

Just add your mailboxes to Onkho and then all email is seen in one placeand automatically filed to your client's CRM record.

make sure nothing gets missed

Add email into your workflow

Track emails that need action

You can assign actions and people to emails and track them to make sure they get done. Finally, you can track not just your regular work but also the hidden requests that come through email.

Strictly, no "out of the office" messages needed!


Conversations that make sense

Keep related emails together


Create your own conversations

If you're dealing with a tax query, there may be many emails with different subjects as well as internal notes flying around. Group them together into a single conversation that you can label.

Finally, you can give that email with a subject header like "Hi" and all its replies, a meaningful label like "Question about new property".

why onkho inbox?

Email doesn't have to be your boss

For too long, email has been out of control. Not anymore.

Now you can tame it, control it and make sure your clients get the best possible service, all of the time. Even if you happen to be "out of the office" :)

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