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Susan Rahman co-founder of onkho

meet your guide

Susan Rahman

I'm a Chartered Accountant and have been running my own practice for over 20 years.

I'm still in practice, still learning and I push everything I learn back into onkho.

Delighting clients is my passion. I have a 99% client retention rate and even have clients coming back!

I'm your guide. Let me show you how I use onkho in my practice.

getting started

The 9AM Dashboard

The onkho 9am dashboard

The onkho dashboard is the control centre of my practice. I check it as soon as I get into the office. I've added widgets that focus on what's important to me:

  • The number of clients I have so I can focus on my growth target
  • Adhoc requests (or tasks) because they tell me what's important to my clients right now
  • Workflow is boring but it's ground zero for my service. I focus on services that need the most forward planning e.g. tax returns

getting ahead

Tracking. Monitoring. Automating.

Tracking monitoring and automating

My team and I use onkho all day to record and track what's happening with clients. 

  • We add notes from calls and meetings
  • I allocate work to team members and plan when it should get done
  • My receptionists logs adhoc requests (or tasks) as they come in
We're saving time and gradually becoming paperless.


Making better decisions

Make better decisions with insights

At the end of the day, I set aside time to find problems and opportunities. I've created insights to focus on what's important to me:

  • I find opportunities to sell more services to existing clients
  • I track clients who are holding up work and give myself a job to call them the following day
  • I see where I'm at with my prospects and if there's anything I can do to move things along
Insights help me focus on what's important and prioritise my time to help me achieve my goals.

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