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Speed up the onboarding process with Onkho’s progressive new approach

Merton, October 12th, 2018 – Onkho announced today that it has introduced a new client onboarding capability within its Cloud Practice Management system that automates the production and signing of onboarding documents giving clients a professional, seamless and modern experience. Onboarding is the first service a firm delivers after a prospect decides to become a client and most firms do not have the resources available to ensure an efficient and streamlined process.

Emanur Rahman, CEO, Onkho says: “We believe client onboarding is so much more than just signing a letter of engagement. We think it’s about making sure you’ve done everything you need so you can deliver the service you’ve promised to your client and get paid.”

  • Using Onkho’s new onboarding feature and custom services, firms can:
  • Get contracts signed online – no need to wait for days or a pen
  • Capture payment terms separately as a Fee Plan for Insights
  • Support multiple sets of terms and conditions as Terms of Business Templates
  • Create their own onboarding and renewal checklists as custom Services

The onboarding experience begins when a prospect or client is sent an agreement for online approval. They receive an email that includes a link to approve the agreement. Clicking on the “Sign here” link will take them to an online approval page and an important feature that prevents the Accept and Reject buttons being enabled until the entire agreement including any terms of business has been scrolled. The agreement can be resent if needed and can have more than one approver as well.

It’s easy to see the status of the agreement from within the software. Once the agreement has been accepted, the client is presented with a thank you page where they can download a neatly formatted document of the whole agreement including details of who approved and when. To make life easier, the system automatically puts a copy of the agreement into the client’s document portal as well.

Onboarding is provided as a no-cost extra to paying customers.

It’s easy to book a demo and see exactly how the system works or if preferred, there is a 14-day trial option.


Onkho picks up where others leave off and addresses the challenges faced by today’s busy practices. It is the brain child of Susan Rahman, who has her own thriving firm in South West London and her husband, Emanur, who was an accountant at the BBC and a CTO at the London Stock Exchange, to develop the missing technology piece in the practice jigsaw. Since starting to use Onkho, Susan's client retention has increased from 85% to 99%.
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