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July 29th, 2019, Merton. Onkho, developers of a powerful cloud practice management solution for accountants and bookkeepers, has now added fully featured and integrated email management to its platform.

Inbox allows onkho customers to bring their entire flow of email from all of their existing mailboxes into the platform for automated and direct integration with the built-in CRM and workflow capabilities.

Susan Rahman, co-founder of onkho and an accountant in practice says: "Email is the outpost of practice management. Email automation is important but that still left email conversations locked away in mailboxes and often hidden from other team members. It meant that even though we had the CRM, one part of the picture of my clients was still missing. Have to say, I pushed the developers hard on this! I wanted emails automatically logged, assignable to people and the ability to group emails together - none of which was possible with my email software. Now I have it!"

Emanur Rahman, CEO, onkho says: "Inbox completes our core vision of what a practice management solution should do - deliver a 360 degree view of a client to all team members and on demand. Email was a tough one to get right so we had to work very closely with our customers to get it done - and they were a tough crowd! But, we've delivered something that even the giants in this space either don't have or have taken years to do. It's the strength of building with vision. From this point onwards we'll focus on depth in our core features - Workflow, CRM, Inbox and Insights. We're done with breadth!"

Onkho is a cloud practice management solution for accountants and bookkeepers that fully integrates workflow, CRM and email giving them a 360 degree view of everything that's going on with a client. Notes, emails and task updates are all in one place and can even be grouped into conversations for instant context. It automates repetitive tasks, helps to record and track what is happening with clients and ensures that deadlines are never missed. It means accountants and bookkeepers can focus on delivering exceptional service and adding value and not just producing numbers.

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Onkho picks up where others leave off and addresses the challenges faced by today’s busy practices. It is the brain child of Susan Rahman, who has her own thriving firm in South West London and her husband, Emanur, who was an accountant at the BBC and a CTO at the London Stock Exchange, to develop the missing technology piece in the practice jigsaw. Since starting to use Onkho, Susan's client retention has increased from 85% to 99%.
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