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Harriet Ilott combines running a busy accountancy practice with being a mum to 1-year old William. She is one of the new breed of accountants that has a mantra she lives by of only ‘working with clients that I want to work with’ and believes, above all, that ‘it is important to  enjoy what you do.’

Summ-IT Up was formed in 2009 and Harriet has never looked back. With the practice poised for a busy second half of 2018, Accountex provided a great opportunity to review all of the options for practice management software. Harriet arrived at the exhibition armed with a list of those names circled that she thought might be of interest and found herself drawn to the Onkho stand, where she was met by Erin, Customer Success Manager.

‘Erin was welcoming,” says Harriet, “Unlike some, who didn’t want to talk to us.”

Harriet explained the challenge she faced to Erin, which was of ‘having information everywhere’ and ‘making it difficult to find anything’. Having toyed previously with a practice management package that she never got to grips with, Harriet was keen to ditch her spreadsheet for good and to start using a system that would keep all client information in a central place.

Also, on her wish list was the ability to email from within the system instead of using an external email package. Onkho ticked this box nicely and allows practices to email reminders automatically saving time and creating a new level of efficiency.

One of the most attractive options was the free trial Onkho offers as Harriet likes to get a feel for software before she invests. “It was easy to add a client and pick the services we offer them.,” she adds. “We do everything from basic bookkeeping to limited accounts and no two clients are ever the same.”

Harriet liked the workflow module on sight and says: “It’s brilliant to be able to fill in the deadlines for different jobs and see on screen what’s needed and when. It makes it much easier to plan the week and is so easy to do.”

For practices like Summ-IT Up, Onkho offers a level of control that helps saves huge swathes of time as everything is kept in one place. Compared to the other package Harriet tried, “It’s so much more intuitive and you don’t have to read a manual to understand what to do. It’s all there at your fingertips and you can just dive in.”

Onboarding clients is considerably easier, she adds and the free storage that comes with Onkho provides the perfect way of keeping essential documents in one place. The pricing model is equally impressive, according to Harriet. “It means as I grow the practice, I know how much it’s going to cost per client and it’s affordable. You don’t have to pay £200 per month for 20 clients and this provides a level of surety. Onkho’s great value.”

Harriet is currently implementing the new Office 365 system and plans to use the in-built email functionality as soon as her new email is up and running. Her mission now is to streamline everything with everything at her fingertips at the click of a link on screen.

Emanur Rahman

Emanur is a former management accountant turned Chief Technology Officer. After 20 years working his technology and accounting skills in investment banking he left his role as a CTO at The London Stock Exchange Group to found onkho. Emanur pushes the business' strategy and execution and occasionally opines on what he thinks is interesting.
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