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Dillon Bookkeeping implemented the Onkho Cloud Practice Management system just a few months ago and already the firm is benefiting from greater control over managing critical deadlines, according to Pamela Dillon, owner of the firm. She says: “Definitely give Onkho a shot, especially if you have several staff and offer a range of services to your clients with lots of tasks and deadlines. You will soon see the benefit.”

The AAT Licensed Accountants and ICB Regulated firm provides accounting and payroll services to businesses in Glasgow, Lanarkshire and Ayrshire and bookkeeping to a number of Chartered Accountants. Its range of services is diverse, and a carefully designed workflow system is needed to manage multiple deadlines and tasks.

Prior to selecting Onkho, the firm used ‘Outlook’ to manage its contacts and the calendar for reminders of key dates. This allowed the team to manage deadlines, but it was not fool proof and did not cater for dates that moved from month to month. Pamela says: “Our biggest problem was ensuring that the calendar was set up to ensure one client’s payroll was ready on the last working day of the month. As this was an ever-changing target, it proved a nightmare to plan around.”

Having reviewed as many as 8/9 different practice management packages before finding Onkho, Pamela was disappointed to find that they were unsuited the needs of a practice like hers that specialised in multiple client services.

The pricing models were also, unappealing as they tended to be based on the number of users. Pamela calculated that this could cost as much as £120 per month for her team of 5 staff and this, she felt, was too much for a small practice to pay. Onkho, on the other hand, offers great value and Pamela pays just £1 per client per month for use of the Workflow and CRM modules. The CRM module, she says, helps to save time and makes it much easier for the team to access relevant client information and contact details.

Pamela says that the Onkho Workflow module suits the firm perfectly and helps to provide a level of control over client work that wasn’t there before. It is task driven, unlike so many of the systems she has looked at over the years, and it provides the team with an instant visual representation of the week and the month and shows precisely what needs to be done. “You can look at it wherever you are working, and all share the same information and if a member of staff is ill or going to be away, it’s easy to change who a job is allocated to,” Pamela adds. “The team trusts Onkho and find it very easy to update the system.”

Onkho is a newcomer to the Cloud practice management market and Pamela likes the fact that the Onkho team has proved itself easily accessible and enthusiastic to ‘take on board their feedback’.

Emanur Rahman

Emanur is a former management accountant turned Chief Technology Officer. After 20 years working his technology and accounting skills in investment banking he left his role as a CTO at The London Stock Exchange Group to found onkho. Emanur pushes the business' strategy and execution and occasionally opines on what he thinks is interesting.
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