Did you know that it costs at least £500 to find a new client?

It’s definitely cheaper to keep a client than to find a new one!

But how do you keep clients?

Getting the work done on time and without fines isn’t enough to impress them anymore.

They want to know what’s going on, they want to hear from you more often, they want to feel loved! But if you’re busy doing the work how are you going to do this?


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to the rescue!

takes care of your planning and keeps your clients updated every step of the way so that you don’t have to. Delighted clients don’t just stay with you, they generate more clients.

has been created by Susan Rahman, an accountant in practice who increased her client retention from 85% to 99% by focusing on delighting her clients. We’ve taken her experience and wrapped it up in onkho….and she’s still in practice, still learning and still delighting her clients – so there’s even more to come!